DTF/Sublimation Transfers

Christian Sublimation/DTF Sublimation Transfer Decals

DIY Christian t-shirt with our DTF sublimation and sublimation transfer!

Sublimation transfers are a fun way to customize your apparel, mug, and more! Our ready-to-press Christian sublimation decal transfers are printed with high-quality ink and paper/PET film to deliver beautiful results. Sublimation is a method of printing that transfers a design into light colored polyester material or polyester-coated items using ink and heat. DTF sublimation is similar to sublimation but allows for transferring onto light colored cotton removing the limitation of polyester only.  With sublimation, the design is printed on special sublimation paper with sublimation ink, and with DTF sublimation, it is printed on PET film and cured with DTF powder, then is infused into the substrate using heat. With sublimation, the image is infused into the fabric which will not crack, peel, or wash away. With DTF sublimation, it will have a screen print texture to it.  Express your faith by decorating your personal items with one of our pre-designed ready-to-press Christian sublimation/dtf sublimation transfers!